Products to neutralize the toxicity in electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), geopathic and atmospathic stresses. Energems provide EMF protection, geopathic stress protection and cellphone/mobile phone protection.    

Is Your House Silently Killing You?
Or is it Your Cell Phone?
Or Both?
“Sick House” Survivor Reveals Cures to Heal Your Life

Karen While Living in Her "Sick House"
Karen While Living in Her “Sick House”

Karen While Living in Her "Healthy House"
Karen While Living in Her “Healthy House”

Medical Doctor Finds Up to 92% of Chronically Ill Live in “Sick Houses”

There is an invisible energy in our homes that is so toxic and so powerful that it put me in a wheel chair and caused my husband’s cancer and subsequent death.  This “Energy Toxicity” is something that is in YOUR home and every home and building in every civilized country in the world.  This is nothing new; it’s just gotten much stronger and more toxic.

What is this Life-Threatening “Energy Toxicity?”

Because of our illnesses I devoted many years to figure out their hidden cause and I found the same mysterious cause that the late Dr. Hans Nieper, MD, a famous German doctor, author and NASA scientist had found.  This brilliant German physician found that “sick houses” create sick people!  Almost 30 years ago he wrote that over 92% of cancer patients, up to 80% of Multiple Sclerosis patients and other chronically ill patients all lived in “sick houses.” What we found is something that’s called geopathic stress. 

Have You Ever Heard of Geopathic Stress Before?

Most Americans have never heard of geopathic stress.  It’s kind of like radon, which most people have heard of, in that it’s an invisible naturally occurring radiation from the earth that you can’t see, hear, smell, touch or taste.  It seeps into and gets trapped in our homes and buildings.  But unlike radon, geopathic stress is in virtually all homes and is affecting everyone and they don’t even know it!

toxins in homeGeopathic stress can cause or trigger most any disease; it’s not just cancer, although that’s where most of the research has been focused.  Cancer and other chronic illnesses are the end-result, with many other common signs, symptoms, aches and pains developing long before any illness.  We need to listen to our body and pay attention to the cause of our early symptoms and resolve them before they develop into a life-threatening or debilitating disease.

Just recently, this energy toxicity has substantially increased and is now affecting our water, food, essences and even nutritional supplements with higher levels of radiation and other toxins.  How can our food, water, supplements and essences sustain and heal us if they’re contaminated with radiation & other toxins?

 Can I Change My “Sick House” into “Home, Sweet Home?”

The good news is - All of this can be fixed – easily and inexpensively!  I’ve created ENERGEMS=Energized Gems so that you don’t have to get sick and suffer from the same thing that I and many others have had to.  I’m now a ski bum and able to do whatever I choose.  And YES, I believe that one Energem in our home could have prevented my husband’s cancer and saved his life.  Could it do the same for you and your family?

The Energems neutralize the hidden dangers in our homes and offices: from the electromagnetic stress - the emfs from the electricity - but more importantly, the geopathic stress that’s now in all homes. This includes “fixing” microwave ovens, cordless phones and even WiFi.

The Energems I’ve created work - because my life depended upon it.  Does yours?

My research & discoveries that are in my book Our Energetic Evolution in Healing:  Free Yourself From the Unseen Forces That Can Make You Sick have made me healthier in my 60’s than I was in my 40’s and soon I expect my 30’s!  I’m now able to do whatever I choose, including learning indoor sky diving this year. 

The neutralization of geopathic stress in your home eliminates a major “block to healing,” makes major beneficial changes to your energy flow (via an Energy Pathway that I discovered over 10 years ago) and allows your body to now detoxify – efficiently and thoroughly.  This Energy Pathway being strong is an indication that the geopathic stress in your home has been neutralized.  I have not seen ANYTHING strengthen this Energy Pathway other than using an Energem in the home.  Wearing a product – including an Energem – does not do this.  The home itself much be “fixed.”  How could you detoxify when you’re continually exposed to and taking in radiation and a dozen other toxins?  Using one Energem in your home to neutralize all of these toxins is like jump-starting your healing process.  For some it’s life changing – maybe even life saving!

Are you as healthy as you would like to be or do you feel like something is missing or keeping you from leading the healthy and joyful life YOU KNOW is possible for you?  Is this The Solution you’ve been looking for?

Cell Phones

Cell phones ARE a source of unshielded microwave radiation and there have been lots of studies that correlate their use to health problems, including cancer.  Just last October, the 10 year International Interphone study confirmed:  “The Use of Mobile Phone is Carcinogenic.” 

Dr. George Carlo co-authored a book with Martin Schram entitled Cell Phones:  Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age.  Carlo was originally hired by the cell phone industry to prove their safety, but that’s not what he found and he’s become the industry’s whistle-blower.  Years ago he discovered and detailed in this book that cell phones do emit health destroying energies including those that can damage our DNA. 

A recent Swedish study found that using a cell phone for only an hour a day increases your risk of getting a brain tumor by 240%.

Other research has shown that brain cancer in children and young adults is up 26% from cell phones and that brain tumors are now the biggest cancer killer in children.

I wanted to feel safe using a cell phone, so I also created an ENERGEM to place on them that neutralizes the toxicity before it has a chance to enter my body.  I’ve heard from clients who had headaches daily from using cell phones and their headaches have now disappeared.

radiation electronicsI’ve seen seizures – my husband had them from his brain tumors and I was with him during all but one of them.  They’re a very scary thing to experience – with a complete sense of helplessness.  So I Know about seizures & I know about brain tumors and what they can do and I’m still using my cell phone – with the Energem.  I can use a cell phone for hours and I don’t feel or test for any negative effects.  Without the Energem, I would only use a cell phone for an emergency.

I can’t and wouldn’t guarantee that people wouldn’t get a brain tumor if they used an Energem on their cell phone.  The best I can say is that I’m comfortable using a cell phone with an Energem, even with what I know and as sensitive as my body is.

My research focuses on how our body reacts to different toxins, energies and frequencies as it’s exposed to them.  When you’re using a cell phone, your body is instantly weakened from the radiation and other toxic frequencies transmitted.  These toxins then can be, and usually are, stored in your body.  My book gives detailed instructions so you can learn to test to see how your cell phone is weakening your body and also test how one Energem does neutralize that toxicity – so that you don’t react negatively to your cell phone.  Would you like to feel safe and comfortable using a cell phone? 

My research and products have made my life worth living again – and can do the same for you!

It only takes one Energem to neutralize the geopathic stress, the emfs, microwave ovens and wireless technology that’s in your home right now.  That’s an Electrical & Telephone (E&T) Energem, item #13 that’s included in this special package as described below.


I’ve created ENERDISCS=Energized Discs so that you can easily and cheaply make your own beneficial detoxifying, cleansing and energizing essences - forever.  The “energy” of each essence has been electronically transferred into each coaster.  You then produce your own essences by placing a dropper bottle of water onto these “energized” 4-inch gem coasters – and waiting 10 minutes!  It’s as simple as that.

enerdisc enercleanseThe most important one is included in this package.  It produces the Enercleanse Essence.  It promotes lymph drainage and blood cleansing – to open your channels of elimination – and assists the elimination of all toxicity from your body, especially from your “sick house.”  It’s something we can all benefit from and I take it every day.


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Item #400 -
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Buy item #400 to get the three most important products for YOU - and save $178.00 in the process. This package includes one each with the beautiful heart logo:

One of product #13
, Home/Office Electrical & Telephone Energem that turns your "Sick House" into "Home Sweet Home." It neutralizes the toxicity from geopathic stress, electromagnetic stress, telephones including cordless phones, microwave ovens and more. Only one needed per home.

energem x elixir

One of product #20, Cell Phone Energem to neutralize the toxicity from your cell phone.

energem x elixir

One of product #210,
Enercleanse Essence Enerdisc to make your lymph and blood drainage essences yourself and forever. It assists the elimination of ALL toxicity from your body, especially from your "Sick House."

enerdisc enercleanse
Price: $299. Individual price $477. Save $178

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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